Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lower those power bills

Last year I happend to watch an Oprah show where the topic was lowering your expenses. She had one guest who had cut her power bill in half. That caught my attention so I listened. This lady really went to the extreme but it made me stop to realize how many things we "turn off" but they still are using power - coffee maker, microwave, TV, computer, etc.

I can't easily unplug my microwave when it isn't in use so I leave it plugged in but I did start unplugging the coffee pot each day. If you use the timer on the pot, then you'd probably rather leave it plugged in. The lady on the show even unplugged her TV after each use and I didn't think I wanted to do that either. But if you are more careful to turn lights out when you leave a room and unplug the things you can, I think you, too, would find some savings on your power bill.

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