Sunday, August 29, 2010

Follow-up on previous posts

I recently received another deposit in my PayPal account from Big Crumbs. This time I got over $4. which was nice. I don't make huge purchases but I do often purchase fabric or printer cartridges on Ebay and this is where my rebate comes from. It can add up quickly so be sure to check it out.

Big Crumbs gives you rebates on purchases you make at many stores on line. So far the only store I didn't find listed was LL Bean. You just have to sign in to your Big Crumbs account and then use their links to get to your store to shop. It's simple and painless but it's not always easy to remember to go through them. Then they automatically deposit your earnings into your PayPal account each month.

The other reminder is to be sure and have an extra email account to use when you sign up at these various websites. Big Crumbs doesn't send out many emails and you need to use your PayPal email when you sign up there but other sites like Groupon or Kraft First Taste generate a lot more emails and it can be a real nuisance if they all come in to the email account you use every day.

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