Sunday, August 15, 2010

Digital photos into prints

While a few people print their own photographs on their home printer, most people now either send their photos to a nearby store by uploading the photos to the store's website, or they take their camera disk to the store to have the prints made.

I prefer to upload my photos to one of the online companies and then order prints and have them sent to my home. I have been know to try several different companies since most of them offer free prints the first time you use them. Sometimes they will also email you with an offer to give them a try again. I recently got one of these emails from Snapfish offering me 30 free prints if I came back by the end of August. Of course, I couldn't resist getting all those free prints!! The offer did not include shipping charges so I still had to pay shipping.

York now offers 40 free prints on your first order.

Another site to try is or A third place to try is Shutterfly.
These sites usually always offer free prints on your first order so just compare to see who currently has the best offer.

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