Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free magazines

Today I received the first issue of my free subscription to Woman's Day magazine! For some reason I am always surprised when I actually get a free subscription!! I signed up for this through They offer the most fantastic deals on there! They add new deals several times a day so you need to check back often. Several months ago I got my husband a free subscription of Salt Water Sportsman and that is coming monthly now as well. All I had to do for both subscriptions was to fill our a very short form.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shop from home with free shipping

I just placed my first order today with . I don't live close to a large supermarket so I find that sometimes it works out better for me to order special items on line and it looks like this site will work well. They do have a minimum purchase of six items their prices seem reasonable and they give you free shipping which is a big plus. I think you could add a few rolls of paper towels to make your six items and that would cost you less than the shipping charge on another site. Check it out!